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Chef Fawn Racoma

Our Story

SEEDZ is a team that has a passion for health and wellness, creating delicious and nutritious meals that bring life to the table. Our story began with Fawn Racoma, who established the first healthy and alternative driven restaurant in Steamboat Springs called ROOTZ. Through her efforts, she showed how much joy and nourishment food can bring.

At SEEDZ, we have taken her vision and expanded it. We believe there is still a need to share with the general population, casting a larger net and sharing clean, fresh, local and sustainable foods with everyone. Offering more sustainable and well sourced meats like Rocky Mountain Bison, All Natural Nitrate Free Pork, Hormone & Antibiotic Free Chicken. SEEDZ incorporates these same values, and we strive to make healthy eating accessible and enjoyable for all our guests.          MEAT LOVERS,  VEGANS,  VEGETARIANS,  GLUTEN FREE  &  SPECIALTY DIETS ALIKE.

Our Team

SEEDZ CREW- a family and community orientated team passionate about serving high quality ingredients. With committed and dedicated staff, we strive to build strong relationships with our customers and use our enthusiasm and hard work to deliver exceptional products and experiences. Our team not only works hard together but we also believe in playing hard together with team building retreats after a long hard season of bringing top notch service and cuisine.

Chef Eduardo & Chef Matt
kitchen staff
Kitchen staff
Chef Eduardo & Chef Matt

In the Kitchen

Welcome to SEEDZ Kitchen; our kitchen is run by a team passionate and talented chefs. Our chefs, who have years of experience and commitment to our values, take pride in providing delicious, innovative meals that keep you coming back for more. With a focus on quality, you can trust that your food will be served fresh, with integrity every time.




Owner / Chef / Creator : Fawn Racoma

Executive Sous Chef: Eduardo Bojorquez

Chef De Cuisine: Matt Nelson
The Backbone of the Kitchen:

Marcos, Zach, Omar, Naida, Jissell, Lucho, Pamella, Blimer

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